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Little Prince
The Little Prince's return



On April 7, 2004, a team of international experts identified the wreckage of a Lockheed P-38 Lightning, the plane belonging to famous pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. But even though the author of The Little Prince was thought to have been shot down by a German pilot, strangely enough, no body or traces of bullets were found in the wreckage. So what really happened?


In this sequel to The Little Prince, a very old lady named Sofia Segato, who lives in the psychiatric wing of a Casablanca hospital, says she knows the truth about what happened to Antoine. She tells her granddaughter Nadia that Saint-Exupéry was not in the plane when it crashed; it was all a brilliant set up so that he could start a new life with the Little Prince, who was secretly his flesh-and-blood son by way of an affair he'd had with a married woman, the aristocrat Nelly de Vogue. She tells the harrowing story of the perilous expedition Antoine had to make across the Saharan desert to be reunited with his lost son.


With a taste of the storytelling style of Titanic and the spirit of Raiders of the Lost Ark, this creative retelling of the true-life events of The Little Prince is jam-packed with memorable characters, non-stop action, and a truly great love story.




Easy Money
Easy Money


“People say you’re a loser or a failure—and sometimes you feel they’re right? You’d like to prove them wrong, cope with rejection… and make millions?


You’d like to learn how to fake it until you make it?


Give yourself a (huge and well deserved) raise?Turn $6000 into $75,000 in a few weeks?


Make $100,000 the ‘stupid’ way Become an ‘accidental’ millionaire—this is without having to really work at it?Well, maybe you should start by writing a F…You letter to all your detractors.

(You’ll feel better, I guarantee it.)


Then sit down with a cup of Starbuks coffee—or even better a glass of Sonoma Valley Chardonnay, even if it’s only 3 o’ clock in the afternoon: it’s five o’clock somewhere in the world anyway!— and learn how to make…Easy Money!





The Father
The Father from Heaven


“Sometimes things go wrong.


(That’s life!) Sometimes you even feel that… everything goes wrong all the time. That’s how the hero to my new little book ( critics say it’s a magical tale of wisdom and whealth— I hope, you’ll agree) Charles Rainier feels.


His rich father has just cut him off from his will—and he ends up with nothing, nada, zilch, from his 300 million dollar fortune. But sometimes bad things are a blessing in disguise. Sometimes, the worst thing that happens to you turns out to be the best thing that could ever happen to you.


That’s what Charles Rainier finds out when he meets a mysterious beggar at the funeral parlor – a beggar who looks like he was 20 but is over a 100 year old and… who’s driving a Porsche convertible!


A beggar who makes the hero’s dearest wish come true: to find out why his father had done such a terrible thing to him!Piece of cake for the beggar: he brings his father from the Other Side for three days… as a ghost!Three days that help the hero make up with his dad—and in the process make all of his dreams come true and change his life forever. A story you’ll remember.



The Lazy Millionaire


Tired of working like crazy and still be struggling and maxing out your credit cards—and not be able to do what you want when you want. 


In other words feeling like a stupid slave that was taken for a (never ending) ride by society?You’d like to work only 20 hours a week— or only 5 hours ( you’re busy having fun or taking care of your young kids and I agree with YOU) and still be able to double or even quadruple your income?


What about becoming a millionaire within 3 to 5 years, and be able to retire at 50 or even 30— if you put your smart lazy mind at it?To live in a dream house, drive a fancy car and be able to send your kids to Harvard?


Travel the world, vacation as you wish, whenever you wish— in one word: be FREE!?Well, then you HAVE no (smart) choice but to become a Lazy Millionaire! And the easiest and fastest and laziest way to do so is to read this great little book by Marc Fisher, bestselling author of The Instant Millionaire : 2 million copies sold around the world, translated in 30 languages.

P.S. Written in one month by his lazy author!

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