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I was born on a Friday, March 13th, 1953, the second child of a family of six. Between my three sisters, my accountant father who absolutely adored me, and a doting Mother who was a born story teller throughout our lives, I lived a rather uneventful childhood in a small suburb called Duvernay, Quebec.


I mean, I was perfectly happy – I had friends, fun, sports, and I don’t remember ever walking anywhere -I always ran everywhere – an impatience developed since birth!


Indeed, my Mother still reminds me of the day I was born, and that she was forced to cross her legs on the way to the hospital that day, or else I would have been born right there in a taxi!


If I wasn’t running to get to my best friends , I was riding my red CCM bicycle complete with white streamers on the handlebars. I was as free as the wind and had the lightest of hearts.


A fun childhood that very early was also dedicated to study. I wanted to please my very demanding father who wanted me to finish first in school- all the time- and when I ended up second, he would ask me in a commanding tone ; “Who finished first?”


I made sure that I didn’t happen too often.


Very early in life, for reasons I can’t fathom, I started thinking would one day make a living … using my mind!


Strange, I know. Read more




Translated in more than 30 languages


Marc Fisher has penned 30 novels that sold over 5 million copies around the world.  He his translated in more than thirty languages, with a total of 150 editions.


Founder of Golden Globe Publishing ltd,  he is the co-founder of Eisenberg-Fisher, LLC an indie based at Paramount studio in L.A. He also works as a screenwriter, turning his novels into scripts - or his scripts into novels." ​Read more




Argentina, Brasil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany

Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, 

Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Korea, Japan, 

Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, 

Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, 

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Russia, Spain, Taïwan, UK, U.S.A...

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